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Getting Pulled Over Could End in Serious Charges

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Breaking traffic laws doesn't seem like a big deal until you're faced with fines, raised insurance premiums and even the loss of your license. If you need a traffic lawyer to defend you in Toms River, NJ, turn to Sheehy & Sheehy, Esqs. Our firm has dealt with speeding, DUI, DWI and reckless driving cases. You'll feel confident when you rely on our traffic lawyer.

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DUI laws are complicated. Luckily, we understand the intricacies of traffic law and will use our knowledge to your advantage. A DUI lawyer will gather evidence and witnesses, paying attention to the actions of your arresting officers to build a case. For example, if the arresting officer didn't follow protocol or there are certain factors that could affect the efficacy of your breathalyzer test, your charge could be reduced or dismissed.

Our goal is always to defend your rights and put you in the best possible position. Hire our DUI lawyer based in Toms River, NJ today.

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